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Who has the time to search for the best music production videos online? Well thank God the community of does! I remember the days when learning a new piece of equipment would take me hours to figure out. Many times it wasn’t because the manual wasn’t good enough, but because it didn’t teach me how to use it in the “REAL” world. Since the creation of YouTube thousands of videos relating to music editing, production and mixing have appeared; but with these thousands of videos, how do I know which ones are good and reliable?  Someone has addressed the issue at hand and not only created a site dedicated to music production, but also a community of people that participate in the search for the Best Music Videos online;


Social Video Network for Audio Creative’s:

Music people LOVE to help others; whether we admit it or not it makes us feel better about passing knowledge to the next ROCK STARS of the world. Easily the next Timbaland and Trent Reznor are right now on taking in all the knowledge and tricks from other artists, producers and engineers online. The explosion of content and collaboration we’ve all been expecting online in the music industry is finally here and WinkSound is capturing it.

Online videos for FREE?

I’m surprised people are making thousands of music production videos online for FREE! Who would have thought 10 years ago this would be a reality but fortunately for us it is. Amateurs and professionals alike are taking the time to teach others online as their hobbies. They do it with so much passion and they are very humbled in sharing this great knowledge. WinkSound, with its interactive community, is uniting all these so-called VIDEO BLOGGERS on one site. If you do not create videos but often find videos you like on YouTube, there is a home for you too on WinkSound; sharing Videos from other websites is easy on Wink!

So many questions. So MANY ANSWERS:

What’s great about having a community of music enthusiasts is the fact that when you have a question it is likely to be answered by your peers. If you still have questions after watching a video tutorial, you can leave a comment and someone is sure to put in their 2 cents. Participating actively on the site helps all viewers get their questions answered- YES!

Diving in is EASY:

I set up my account quickly and within minutes I was already sharing my favorite instructional videos. My favorite video on YouTube happens to be a Pete Rock video where he talks about basic production skills and shows off one of his beats with the MPC. I was surprised to get comments about my post immediately; even though I thought everyone had seen this video it was NEW to them. Which brings me to my final point. A lot of times we think people know about the Music and Technology things we know about and that’s just not a reality. We all have distinctive paths in the music industry and we all learn from different sources. Sharing that knowledge with others helps the music community learn at least the basics. WinkSound is a home base for Musicians and Music Lovers to learn about the integrate parts of music production.  That’s why I recommend WinkSound.Com!



PETE ROCK MPC video: Watch Pete Rock on the MPC

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